Our Team Members

Rachel Rosen-Barrow | Yorktown Hair Stylist

Rachael Rosen-Barrow

Yorktown Hair Stylist With 10 years experience and coming from Buckport, Maine, Rachael attended cosmetology school in Burlington, Vermont. She specializes in foil highlights, … More

Dee Williams - Nail Care Technician

Dee Williams

Nail Technician Dee has been a nail technician for 16 years. She went to Nails University in Newport News. Dee specializes in Pink and white acrylics, and pink and white gel … More

Kelly Sawtielle - Nail Technician

Kellie Ball

Nail Technician Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, Kellie has been helping folks have beautiful nails for 24 years, She trained under Female Adventure, and was licensed in … More

Erin Wilson Chall - Haircuts Williamsburg

Erin Wilson Chall

Haircuts Williamsburg Erin Wilson Chall studied at St. Pierre Salon, Day Spa and Academy and has been a hairstylist for 9 years.  She enjoys all aspects of her job, but takes … More

Kim Damron - Stylist Williamsburg

Kim Damron

Stylist Williamsburg Kim Damron brings 19 years of experience to Style By Design.  She specializes in coloring and highlighting and her favorite products are Color Proof Lift It … More

Krissy Mason - Hair Stylist Williamsburg

Krissy Mason

Hair Stylist Williamsburg Krissy Mason is a Virginia native and has been styling hair for ten years.  Her bright smile and sunny personality are matched only by her skills at … More

Pink Pewter

Pink Pewter offers stunning high-fashion accessories that are fun, edgy, and suited for a range of looks; you can effortlessly accentuate any outfit, or change it completely! The … More

Food Drive

    This will be our 2nd year hosting a Food Drive. We had a great turn out last year and thought we should do it again. Between Oct 15-Nov 15 if you would like to drop off … More

Toys for Tots

Starting November 1 we will be collecting toys to donate to children in need. Bring in brand new toys unwrapped & your name will be put in a jar for a raffle. Last year a … More